Politicas de Privacidade

This document establishes the Privacy Policy of RAITEC3D RAINHA TECNOLOGIES 3D UNIP.LDA.’s Website (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”) and integrates the Terms and Conditions of Use of that same Website (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”), and should be read together with those. The Terms and Conditions set out the rules for using the Website, including limitations and exclusions of liability. Please read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Website. By providing your personal data, you consent to the collection, processing and use of it in accordance with the rules set out herein.

1. Unless expressly stated otherwise herein, all defined terms contained in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions.
2. Party Responsible for Treatment
2.1 The entity responsible for processing the personal data is RAITEC3D RAINHA TECNOLOGIES 3D UNIP.LDA, NIF 513752153, Rua do Casal, 667, 4745-427. São Mamede do Coronado, Portugal (hereinafter “Company”).
2.2. The Company’s contact details are:
Email: [email protected] or
Postal Address: Rua do Casal, 667, 4745-427. São Mamede do Coronado, Portugal.
3. Treatment of Personal Data
3.1. By using the contact form, the User expressly consents to the Company processing the following categories of personal data: name, telephone contact and e-mail address; the IP address of the computer or mobile device from which access to the Website is processed may also be collected. Personal information sent by the User to the Company by post, telephone, fax, mobile messages or any other communication channel will also be processed.
3.2 Browsing and registration on the Website involves the use of Google Analytics, and the Company and Google will therefore process the following categories of information in aggregate form: geographical location of access (continent, country, city), age, sex, language, device from which access is made (e.g., mobile device, tablet, desktop) and page browsing behaviour (e.g., new user or returning user, average time of session, average time on each page, including in the private area). On the use of Google Analytics on the Website, please see point 6 below.
3.3 For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, any personal data or information relating to the User processed by the Company shall be, generally and for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, referred to as “Personal Data”.

3.4 Some personal details are compulsory and must be duly marked, and in the case of a lack or insufficiency of these details, the message will not be sent by the User to the Company.
3.5. By completing the Website contact form, the User expressly consents to the processing of Personal Data for the following purposes:
(a) navigation and use of the Website;
b) managing contacts with the User;
c) sending information or events related to the Company;
d) carrying out marketing actions;
3.6. The Website may make available areas relating to games, competitions or forums (chat forums) and, in respect of each of these, the User may be asked for Personal Data, which will only be processed following express consent from the User; prior to expressing consent, the User will be informed of the categories of Personal Data to be processed and their respective purposes; these Personal Data will be subject to this Privacy Policy.
3.7. The User expressly authorizes the Company to carry out or promote marketing activities by sending advertising messages to their cell phone or email or to promote products and/or events related to them.
3.8. The protection of Users’ privacy is a concern of the Company. The personal data collected is processed electronically and in strict compliance with the legislation on personal data protection, and is stored in specific databases created for this purpose. The Company seeks to respect the best practices in the area of security and protection of personal data, promoting actions and improving systems in order to ensure the protection of personal data and undertakes to adopt appropriate technical and logical security measures for the protection of personal data processed for the purposes mentioned above.
3.9. There is no use of subcontractors or communication of data to other entities.
4. Consent
4.1 With regard to direct marketing actions, the User will be assured the right, in all of them, to revoke consent by simply replying to the newsletter with the subject: “REMOVE”.
4.2. The revocation of consent for the treatment of Personal Data, as provided in the preceding paragraphs, implies, depending on the specific situation, the limitation of navigation on the Website as well as the impossibility of receiving direct marketing messages.
5. Accessing, updating or deleting Personal Data
5.1. Until otherwise stated by the data subject, the Company will assume that the data collected has been entered by the data subject and authorized by him/her, and that the data is true and accurate.

5.2 The Company guarantees the User the right to access their data, without restrictions and without unjustified delays, transmitting the information concerning their data in clear language and strictly corresponding to the content of their registration.
5.3 To exercise your rights to access, update, correct and delete your Personal Data, you must write to the Company at one of the postal or email addresses indicated in 2.2 above.
6. Cookies and storage and access to information
6.1 The Website uses “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that identify your computer on our server; the Website is located on a standard Apache server. Cookies themselves do not identify the individual user, only the computer or device used.
6.2 We use Google analytics services on this website to measure the effectiveness of our content and the preferences of our users that allow us to contribute to the optimization of the functioning of this Website. We use performance cookies to monitor how individual users access our Website and how regularly. This information is used for statistical purposes only without identifying any particular user.
6.3 All browsers allow you to accept, refuse or delete Cookies, in particular by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. You can configure Cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser.
6.4 As indicated in 3.2 above, the Site uses Google Analytics, which collects and processes data from Users. The use of Google Analytics is for the following purposes: accessing statistical information about Users, determining the usefulness, interest and number of visits to the Site, tracking and monitoring pages and content visited, countries from which the Site is accessed and methods of use of the Site.
6.5 The Company will obtain, from the User and whenever legally necessary, the respective consent to the use of Cookies and of mechanisms for storage and access to information, in the terms required by law.
7. Alterations to the Privacy Policy
7.1 The Company reserves the right, at any time, to make modifications or updates to the Privacy, security and data protection Policy and the relevant changes will be duly notified to the User through the Website, by means of a specific notice that will appear when using the Site. Where legally required, the User will be required to consent to such modifications or updates. Refusal to give consent may result in the impossibility of accessing the Website, depending on the specific case.

7.2 In the event of conflict between this Privacy Policy and those that may subsequently be published following amendments, the latter shall prevail over the former.

Last updated: March 2023


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